Monday, April 13, 2015

Sugar Coma and Conference 4-6-15

Anthony you look like a stud with your welding gear on man! Show Walter how it’s done! Ha. Looks like you guys had an awesome Easter. I had so much candy, chocolate, and pastries, and things that I felt like I was going to die! haha
How about General Conference? So many good talks!!! I think I liked Elder Holland's the best. I loved the story he used of the two brothers who went climbing in southern Utah. It was really inspiring, made me want to be more like Jesus.

We have been pretty this week. We picked up another investigator in the YSA. Her name is Liz, she is friends with another member of the branch. The branch has some awesome fellow shippers who know what’s up and how to do missionary work. It’s awesome when you come to an area and the members get it (being member missionaries, etc.) It may just be that they are all young returned missionaries, that’s the beauty of being a missionary in the YSA. Anyway, she is very elect. She is just an honest seeker of truth and wants to learn more about the gospel.
I wish I could talk longer. My computer froze and we have like no time left. I promise I will have more stories to tell next week!

I love you all,
-Elder Daniel
                                                          -Back at the old Murrieta Library
                                                       -We found a couch, long story..

-Getting my fix of cream of wheat while planning for Zone training Meeting before conference

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