Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pictures 10-28-13


Exchanges with Elder Wilkensen, love this kid to death. super funny and an outstanding missionary
Little drainage ditch we pass on our walks that looked pretty cool.

Still got some life left in them though

my new source of transportation, that's right, a penny board (I wish)

Noah Broadhead sent me this, very inspiring words. " when things get tough just keep on rolln"

This is Cameron Grieter, soon to be elder Grieter. Leaves for his mission tomorrow. Hell be in there the same time as Cheslea

Our hike to the Adobes this morning.


Hey guys!!

Chelsea reports on Tuesday, that's crazy!! Mom you’re so right about how you can’t lean on others testimonies. You have to find out for yourself through faith, prayer, and experience. That’s something that I have learned firsthand since being out here. I thought my understanding and testimony were strong before I left, but my testimony and knowledge of this gospel has grown tenfold. It’s just awesome, I don't know if I say this a lot, but I'm so glad I chose to serve a mission.

Thank you for sending me some extra stuff and for being amazing and for all your support, hopefully I'll get it from the zone leaders today.

I got a brick from Nauvoo from Aunt Danna and Uncle Gerry. I keep it on my desk next to my favorite picture. I wish I could've been there with you guys! Tell them thanks for me!


Dad thanks for the video, I miss webelos!!


This week has been good. We’re starting to pick things back up slowly but surely. I was able to go to a baptism in my last area in Fallbrook. It was one of my old investigators, Jason, who has been investigating for about five years now. I was asked to be a witness. It was a very neat experience, he's been waiting for so long and it was a privilege to be a part of it. It was also fun to see everyone who I had grown to love and worked with in my first area. It was like a little family reunion.


We’ve also done a ton of service work, sanding and painting doors and picking up trash. And we’ve helped a bunch of people move. I love doing service. It always makes you feel good, and I get to use my painting skills from working with dad which is cool.

For p-day last week we played kickball with the entire zone, it was tight! So much fun. And I forgot to shave my mustache beforehand, jk it’s Elder Graves'

Contacting has been going better. Being a trainer really forces you out of your shell and to talk to everyone. He's looking up to me and is following my example and I don't want him to become a pile missionary, so I've really been stepping my game up with opening up my mouth. My ward mission leader gave a talk in sacrament a few weeks ago and he said some things that really stuck with me. He said that "if we don't open our mouths and try to invite people to hear what we have, than we are very well deciding for them whether or not they have the gospel in their lives" he also said when he was on his mission in Australia people would always ask him why he was out doing what he was doing, he would always tell them "a religion not worth sharing, is not worth having".

 We need never be afraid to share our beliefs with others. They chose to accept the gospel and to come here in the life before this one, we just have to remind them. Remember that.

One of the members of our ward, Brother Featherstone, always talks about his mission. His crazy stories, things he's learned, and scriptures. He still uses his mission scriptures and those things are marked and tabbed up and down. He's inspired me to do the same, I'm almost there. I got these scriptures at the distribution center at the temple, my other ones were falling apart.


Well guys I’ve got to get back to being a missionary. I love and miss you guys. A couple more weeks and I'll get to see all your beautiful faces!! I can’t wait!!

Stay true and look out for each other while Im gone, alright? Love you guys


-Elder Daniel