Tuesday, July 30, 2013

MTC District Friend

Jeff Bryant

Hey Brother Daniel! We were just at the Independence, MO Visitor's Center and met Sister Anderson. She was at the MTC with Elder Daniel and got to know him well. Here is her picture with my daughter, Hailyn.

Skateboarding and Procrastinating Prepared Me For Missionary Work 7/30/2013


That’s so cool that the Bryant’s saw Sister Anderson!!! Our district did pretty much everything together and we grew super close. Out of all the sisters she was probably the one I was closest to. I also gave her a blessing our second night at the MTC. Yeah that’s awesome sounds like she's doing great!!

A ton of stuff has happened in the last week!!

 One night while contacting last week it was getting late and we weren’t having much success. We were about to walk home when I felt like we should walk down main street a little while longer. Low and behold I heard a familiar sound. Across the street I beheld a group of kids skating a stair set and a bench. HALLELUJAH!!! We ran across the street through traffic and I started talking to them like I would to my skater buddies back home. I talked to him about tricks, the spot they were skating, his board, his favorite skater, and then I somehow snuck the gospel in there somehow. We ended up accepting a Book of Mormon and we set a time to come back and teach him!! CHYEAH!! And the same exact thing happened a few days ago as well. I ran into another skater, got to know him, then gave him a Book of Mormon and set a time to come back and teach him! So every time I see any skaters I do not hesitate to go up and talk to them. I also just emailed my mission president and asked if I could show them tricks, so hopefully he says yes, that would be sick.

Also another cool thing that happened. As we were walking back one night from contacting we ran into this old lady. She was about in her 60s or 70s, very frail and homeless looking and had her with her grandson outside of a bar. We got to talking and she told us she had a medley of health problems that she had no money at all, and that she didn’t know how she was going to take care of her grandson. Something told me as we were talking to her " get out you wallet and give her your five dollars" Soooo I listened and offered it to her as we were leaving. She told us that it was just enough to buy her grandson milk and bread and that she didn’t know how she was going to feed him that night until I gave her the money. So that was pretty cool.

I gave my first talk on Sunday!! We had less than 24 hours to prepare and to top it off President Kendrick told us he was going to be there to hear us speak!.... no pressure huh? haha. Our talks ended up being surprisingly great!! So I guess you could say skateboarding and procrastinating to prepare my talks prepared me for my mission! Who would’ve thought!!
Welp I gotta go guys,
Stay true and look out for each other
-Elder Daniel