Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mi Familia,
Que Pasa!! Can ya’ll believe I've already been out a month? Crazy, huh? Yes you got the pictures!! Dad, sweet new whip! How’s the cougar doing by the way? Have you sold that old clunker yet? haha. And I was just thinking of you and Webelos and how ya’ll were doing. Looks like ya’ll are having a blast! But you’re still flying solo?! They’ll call someone soon though, I hope. Mom, the watch still works, the plate on the bottom broke off and I can’t get it back on is all. Thanks for mailing my board to Noah, I really appreciate it. Hang in there Madre, you can do it!! And that’s so cool you guys are going to Nauvoo, Andy is going to the Coast guard, and Jerry and Dana are moving to Chicago. That stinks though, I haven’t even seen them yet, and Aunt Dana said she would bring me cookies!! haha.

Alright, so yeah my Spanish is getting better. I've been on two exchanges with the Spanish elders and that’s helped out a lot, One of those was with elder Hansen who is 6 foot 10, dude is a giant, we had a bunch of lessons planned but they all cancelled, so we ended up meeting with a former in Oceanside and talked with him about his goats or "chivos" haha, it was a good time, you have a lot of adventures on your mission. Spanish work is so fun! They’re such nice and funny people. So were still working on finding people. We mostly visit less actives and formers. We had a ward activity that we hosted called "night with the missionaries" that was a big hit, I had no hopes of anybody coming to it, but we had a big crowd, it was fun, and we may have gotten some investigators out of it. So that was good.

 I went on another exchange with one of the head honchos, Elder Lewis, who is one of our zone leaders. He really opened my eyes to how much authority and power we have as missionaries as well as how important the work is. We drove up to a curb and we saw some folks walking down the street and he said "Elder, we need to talk to these people right now!" I’m like, "what?!” like right now?!" So he jumps out of the car and chases this woman down with her two kids and starts talking to them and he told me to talk to the guy across the street, so I ran across the street and stopped this guy walking his dog and talked to him about what we believe in. It was pretty crazy!! haha I've never chased someone down like that to talk to them before. Anyway he explained to me that there are three reasons why we don’t contact people. Fear of man, fear of rejection, and laziness. And he made me realize I’m not just out here in Cali just chillin. But I have a duty and there is no reason to fear. And if you get over that fear you will be so blessed and edified and the work will progress tenfold.

Well it’s that time again, wish I could write more.

Love you guys, look out for each other and stay true

-Elder Daniel

P.S. - When you guys mail me anything make sure you put my first name as well because there is another Elder Daniel in the mission!!