Monday, April 13, 2015

Back in Murr-town! 3-30-15

Alright so lots of big news. First off I’ve been transferred back to Murrieta and this will most likely be my last area: / except this time I’m the zone leader. We’re living with members again, the Nash’s. They’re awesome. Brother Nash makes us sing every time we come in for the night, and other things. He also gives us tons of advice and wisdom because were young and don’t know anything. My new companions name is Elder Polatis, he is from St. George Utah. He is a stud, he is super funny and chill and has nice ties that I want to steal, that rhymed. Anyway this is his last transfer, I’m trying to help him not be trunky.
Our area covers two wards. The Murrieta Springs YSA Branch and the Las Brisas ward. It keeps us pretty busy. I’m super stoked to be in a YSA ward again. I love teaching kids my age. We have a few people were working with right now. In the YSA were a teaching a girl named Taylor and a guy named Ben. They were both invited to institute by members of the branch and started meeting with us. They’re awesome. They both came to church yesterday for all three hours and loves it! In Las Brisas were teaching a guy named Bill who is super into aviation and flying. We’re hoping if he comes to General Conference that President Uchedorf will use an awesome aviation analogy.

I’m reading the New Testament and I’m in Mathew right now. I just finished the part where Christ has His sermon on the mount. One of the things that he says is the scripture on my missionary plaque. The reason that I chose that scripture is because that verse focuses on a principle that encompasses what I think is the most important lesson the savior taught us. To love and serve others and in turn show our Father in Heaven how much we love Him.
MATT 5:16 -" Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is Heaven."

We have so much to offer the world. Don’t stand by and watch life pass away, we need to act instead of being acted upon.

I love you all,
-Elder Daniel
-Man, Im gonna miss Oceanside..
 -Mulch'n like a champ!
-Elder Polatis catching some z's on our trek to Vista to pick up mail for the zone!

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