Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Daniel Family!!!
     So great to hear from ya'll!!! I'm glad you got the picture! I promise I'll get some more to you soon. I'll be sending the SD card home in a couple of days, I just haven't had time. Daylon lives in Vista!? I'm in the Vista Stake!! He's not in my area, but he's pretty close. I might refer him to the Elders there maybe.

Alright, this week. It's been pretty slow. We're doing A LOT of finding. I'm getting better at my Spanish, haha. I can do a basic contact to any Hispanic person we run into now. Elder Thompson is teaching me a little bit during his language study everyday. It's been kind of hard with the less actives we've been meeting with. Marrital problems, addictions, and the fact that they don't want much to do with us has been a challenge. It's been a great learning experience. We learn how to help them with their personal problems and struggles and you learn to develop a love for these people, even though it may be hard at times. Helping them understand that they are not alone and that they're Heavenly Father will always be there for them with his arms out stretched is such a sweet feeling, let me tell ya!
I'm also learning that the spirit is so crucial and essential in this work. I am starting to recognize how it works. I'm doing all I can to have it's influence present in this work. It is so important that it is always there guiding you and touching the hearts of those you teach and testify to.
Even though sometimes you can get discouraged out here, I am reminded of why I'm here, I can either be a loser missionary and come home the same way I left or let this short time I have to serve the Lord change my life forever. Those times of trial and discouragement just make you stronger. I'm doing things that I never thought I could ever do. I love this work and I'm so glad I decided to come out on a mission.
Well I'm out of time, you guys sound like your doing great at home. Keep staying righteous and being good examples. Love one another. Do everything you can to have the spirit present in your lives.
I love you so much guys, look out for each other!
-Elder Daniel