Monday, April 13, 2015

Murr-town has changed.. 4-13-15

No way, tell Lizzie I’m proud of her for making cheerleading! And tell her she needs to learn how to do a standing back tuck before I get back that would be sick! I bet Adeline will be on Broadway one day, no question. haha.
Since I’ve been back in Murrieta, having been on a few exchanges, talking with members and such, it’s been hard to find out that a lot has changed since I’ve been gone.  A vast majority of the recent converts I was able to work with while I was serving in Murrieta a year and a half ago have become less active, some completely inactive and some just falling off the map altogether and no one knows where they’re at. Sadly a few awesome active families I knew as well (I won’t go into too much detail). I was able to go by a few of the families I heard didn’t want to be a part of the church anymore while I was on exchanges. They were happy to see me and surprised that I am back in town serving here, but they absolutely don’t want anything to do with the church. It is so sad. I’m sad especially for their young kids who probably won’t grow up in the gospel. It hurts my heart and it sucks, it kills me to see such awesome family’s just give up like that. It takes me back to the talk that was given in conference. After all you can do we just have to love, watch, and wait.

I was able to go on exchanges with Elders Mather and Fuller this week. Both were in my MTC district. It’s so awesome to see how much both of them have changed in the past two years from when we all first started this journey.
In YSA we were able to teach Ben and Taylor together on Monday before Institute. We were able to read a chapter in Alma with them. Right now were trying to help them both have experiences that will help them feel the spirit. That’s what they really need. They know it’s true, they just need confirmation. They’re practically members of the YSA branch. They’ve been coming regularly and everybody know them. We also taught Liz a super powerful lesson on the Restoration and were able to set a goal with her to be baptized at the end of the month! In the Las Brisas ward we were able to teach Aaron. He actually took us out to dinner this week to which was awesome, we got to know him personally a little bit better. The best way to describe Aaron is he looks like Captain America hahaha. He is a weightlifting coach at one of the high schools here and he used to play for the Kansas City Chiefs. He’s a big dude, haha. He is the epitome of a stud, physically and spiritually. He has already read in the Book of Mormon all the way to Mosiah and we’ve only been teaching him for a few weeks. He does the commitments we leave him and then gives himself more homework to do and he came to church on Sunday for all three hours. Talk about golden investigator. We actually went on splits on Sunday because we had investigators in both wards. One reason why he is so solid is there is a girl involved, but I know that that is not everything. He sincerely just wants to know the truth and to do what is right.

Another thing that is cool/weird about being back in Murrieta is seeing all the RMs get back. When I served here last year all their missionary plaques were on the wall, but know I have actually met all of them in person. Weird to think that will be me soon.
Something that is different/new about having the assignment as a Zone Leader is being able to work closely with the stake and the stake leaders and seeing how the church runs. Yesterday we were able to meet with the stake president and other leaders in the stake to talk about service projects for the missionaries in the zone. We came up with lots of good ideas that we will be setting into action shortly.

I hope you all had a rad week!
I love you all,
-Elder Daniel

Long Story

                                                                  The Nashty Stache

exchanges with Elder Fuller


​-you have got to be kitten me right meow..
                        ​-Assistant/Zone Leader exchanges with my MTC comp Elder Mather.
-An old friend came back to visit last week, (Elder) Micah Hanneman.

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