Thursday, October 23, 2014


Que Pasa!!!!
Anthony how the heck did you break your nose!? You’re a trooper man! You’re tougher than all of your older brothers and your 6 years old!! None of us have broken our noses before.

Adeline, thank you for the awesome tradition you have when you go to the Sparkman building, brings a smile to my face whenever you send me any pictures. We’ll have to make a collage when I get back or something of all the pictures you’ve taken so far.
So we found out that Elder Graves and I would be put in a "trio" for a week until he goes home this Wednesday. So on Saturday we went to Vista and had a mini transfer meeting and we picked up Elder Fitzpatrick! He was one of the missionaries that came out to the field in the same group as I. He is super funny and an awesome missionary. He is also from Payson, Utah. Kids a stud. He kind of reminds me of Logan, just his mannerisms and the way he is, haha. I’m going to miss Elder Graves when he goes home on Wednesday, He has taught me a ton, has helped me grow tremendously and he has served along my side most of my mission.

This week was a little hectic because of the meetings, exchanges, and switch ups. We weren't able to see as many people as we would have hoped. It’s a little different teaching in a trio, because it can be overwhelming for some people when we roll in their place three deep, but we make it work.
Demitrio came to church again yesterday! Our mission President spoke in our ward yesterday and we had great Sunday school lessons, which was awesome. When you’re a missionary and your investigators come to church you are constantly worried about how the services go and praying that everything goes well so that they will feel the spirit.

Something that President Kendrick said that hit me that he told us when we met him in the MTC was that everyone needs the gospel, everyone. It’s not just for a few lucky people who just happened to be born into the church. So if you ever think that someone seems like they’re not ready or will never accept the gospel, don’t lose hope or judge. You never know if they are ready, all you need to do is invite. It’s that simple.
I love you all,
Your son, big brother, and friend

-Elder Daniel
-The Trio
-The Bacon Sermon!! haha


Monday, October 20, 2014


What’s up everyone!!!
So transfers have come and gone and my new Comp is Elder Graves!!! I’ve actually served around him most of my mission and he has been in 3 of my districts. So we already knew each other pretty well, the only downside is that he is going home next week mid transfer due to some family issues. This is his last transfer in the mission though so it isn’t like he is going home super early. He is ready to go home, but I’m putting him to work and making his last days in the mission worthwhile. Elder Moolenbeek is now in the Vista 10th Ward!!! So I was able to give Daylon's package to him since he is serving in the same ward that he lives in now. "Meet the Mormons" was phenomenal, I loved every minute of it! It’ll make you laugh and it’ll make you cry. If you haven’t seen it, get out and go see it!!! It’s so stink'n good!
This last week I’ve kind of been running around like a chicken with my head cut off taking over the area, setting up appointments, preparing lessons, teaching lessons, etc.. But it’s all good. You know I’ve actually been praying a lot lately and very specifically to know what I can do to be better, as a missionary and just as a person in general. Elder Graves has really helped me to do that. He has helped me to stretch and to bless the lives of those around me, especially his. He’s gone through a lot lately and it’s been great to help him through it.
We’ve had much success with getting our investigators and less actives to church and different activities lately. There are two kinds of conversion, social and spiritual. We as missionaries take care of the spiritual and members play a drastic role in the social. So for our investigator and less actives to be coming to activities and church is a big deal when they actually show up, since it plays such a big role in their overall conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Demitrio came to church on Sunday!! And he came to our Monday night activity. Thanks to one of our awesome ward missionaries who gave him a ride and who has been an awesome fellow shipper (social conversion!). We have a lot of work to do here in Palomar, it has a lot of potential.
So I don’t know what exactly is going to happen next week when Elder Graves leaves. I could be put in a trio for a little while, or they will just pull and elder from another area and put him with me. I let you know what happens.

I love you all,
Your son, big brother, and friend,

-Elder Daniel

                                                          The YSA fellowship has ended.. :(

"Meet the Mormons" with the whole mission!!

Still in the "Dirty Dido" (Escondido..)


Hey guys!
Conference was so awesome! I loved every single talk because there is something in every one that will speak to you personally, but Elder Bednar and E. Holland's were probably my favs. Gave me new perspectives on serving others that I haven’t really thought about before. Overall it was a spiritual drop kick to the face with much revelation that was sorely needed. Sister Kendrick gave me Rich's email about the dentist. Do I need to schedule an appointment and is there a co-pay? I’m sure I'll figure it out. I'll find some time to go and get it done. Thanks for doing that for me. I think the last time I got a cleaning was a few months before I left, almost two years ago. Crazy! That’s a bummer that Walter's truck is dead :/ He can use the Ol' Cougar if he wants, tell him to treat her nicely though, hah. Can’t believe Matt is married now. Good for him. It will be a completely new place when I get back.
This week we were able to pick up another new investigator. His name is Demitrio. He's a Hispanic kid in his id 20's with tattoos all up and down his arms. Cool thing about him is he actually called us and set up an appointment. Keep in mind that that never really happens, ever. He has had a troubled past and just wants peace in his life. He wants to leave behind his bad habits and to find new friends. We’ll have we got a resolution for him! Haha. I have a good feeling about this guy.
We were able to help our bishop's father in law with some service moving a lady who lives next to him. A little about Brother Fox, he is a small 86 year old man and he is a cancer survivor. He was told that he had 6 weeks to live, that was 20 years ago. Coincidence that he's still here? We were hucking big pieces of furniture, couches, beds, entertainment centers, you name it. And Brother Fox was helping me move em', just me and him with some pieces. That man has the strength of an Ox! I want to be truck'n like him when I’m his age.
Conference reminded me of a quote from President Monson. He said "Unless we lose ourselves in the service of others, there is little purpose to our own lives."  Don’t be afraid to share what you know to be true, and seek to be a blessing in others’ lives. Pray for opportunities to do so, and they will come, I can promise you that.

Transfers are tomorrow and Moolenbeek is leaving. So I will get a new comp this week. I let you know the details next week. I’m going to miss that guy. He has been one of my favorite companion!

I love you all,
Your son, friend, and big brother,

-Elder Daniel