Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thrust in dat' sickle! 3-9-15

Thanks for the pictures! It’s still snowing and junk over there? geez, I’m sorry guys, I feel really bad that I’m chill’n in tropical SoCal right now. We are actually going to the Flower Fields today in Carlsbad for our district activity because they are all in bloom. Thanks for the quotes, I liked the one about gaining confidence by doing the things you are afraid to do. It’s so true. You will never grow unless you step outside of your comfort zone and adventure. Just like going on a mission, I would be so far behind on a lot of things if I never decided to just take a leap of faith and go. It was hard, and definitely scary, but the skills I’ve learned and the blessings I’ve seen from it are immeasurable. I did get your envelope! Thank you so much! I actually used the gift card today! It helped out a lot. I could actually use some of those capsule things for allergies. I’ve been sneezing my head off lately because the pollen is so bad here. Spring came early this year I guess.
We’ve been pretty busy this week. I was able to conduct a few more exchanges with some members of the district. I was able to go with one of my zone leaders Elder Cordery and Elder Major who has only been on his mission for about 4 weeks now. Both are studs. E Cordery is very good out finding out what you need help with or what you’re really struggling with and helping you overcome them. On our exchange E. Cordery was talking to a Hispanic guy on the street and setting up a lesson with him, he was originally in Spanish ward before he became a ZL, and we heard someone scream "ELDERS!!!" and then saw a blue car drive by with a man hanging out the window with a gallon of water. Well he attempted to cool us off I guess, but it was a failed attempt, it came about 2 feet shy of hitting us. haha. Elder Major is basically pre trained, he is a boss. We had a lot of good conversations about missionary work, and all the sports I missed out on the past 2 years, haha.

We were able to meet with Omega this week. He is a character for sure. we knocked on the screen door, which you can’t really see much through, and we heard him say, " WHO'S THAT ON MY DOOR STEP!?" he let us in and come to find out he had a pump action shot gun pointed right at us and we had no idea.. Thank goodness he has experience with guns and it wasn’t loaded, but still, it was super sketchy. He is a little too comfortable with his weapons. He then showed us his 45 pistol with hollow point bullets and we continued to talk about guns and how to kill people for the next 30 minutes before the lesson. haha, (nervous laugh..) He didn’t show up to church again, which sucks, but we will get him next week.
Big news, do you remember praying for an investigator named Blake in my last area in Palomar YSA? He was baptized on Saturday!!!!! I was able to go back and speak at his baptism, it was so cool. All his family was there and I was able to see all my old buddies from the YSA, it was great reunion, and there were so many missionaries there. It has been amazing to see the hand of God work in his life. I remember teaching him from day one back in July of last year, all the way up until now. He has grown so much. He has a grand adventure ahead of him. Its small moments like that, being a part of Blake's life and being able to know I was able to help him change the rest of his life for the better makes it all worth it. This is what it’s all about.

Something that my mission President said in one of his recent emails to me was very profound. He said "What we do removes sorrow from the face of the earth (Alma 29:2)." I’m so grateful that this is my full time job right now. I love the work, I’m so glad that I was in the right places at the right time that led me to where I am right now. What a blessing. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve half the things the Lord has blessed me with, He has given me so much and continues to give freely each and every day.

I love you all so much,
-Elder Daniel

-Ha, who would of thought this would be me two years ago?​

Morning run to the San Luis Rey Mission! 

- E. Cordery!

 -Blake's Baptism!!!!!!!!!!!
-Were tight with "Fred the Pirate"

-Chill skater kids in our complex, Jaravi and Juan. I give em' some tips from time to time

                                                           -At the Oceanside Library today


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