Sunday, May 18, 2014


Hello my awesome friends and family!!
This week has been a little slower than usual, but we will pick up the slack this week, were not giving up on this area, well keep putting our shoulder to the wheel and thrusting in our sickle with all our might. This week has been full of much revelation and full of the spirit. General Conference this weekend was amazing. It's seriously like the Super Bowl as a missionary, I love it. I want to share some of the things I got most out of it. My favorites were Elder Scott's, Elder Ballard's, Elder Uchtdorf, and especially Elder Holland's, his talk is exactly what I needed to hear. It is the coolest feeling when you receive revelation that you know is just for you, and when you know that the talks are being given for specific people that you know. Some of the things that stood out to me in my notes were - You will one day defend your faith one way or another, Christ like love is the greatest need on this planet and it will change the world, Do you realize the love the Savior has for you? Even now? He can cleanse us, when the morale of the world change, we do not, if you let the Lord be the leader of your family you will not fail, Faith is the antidote for fear, truth is truth it is not divisible, words that can be firm in information can be soft in spirit, we don’t step down when we are released and we don’t step up when we are called, we need to be priesthood men, we need to serve, and we need to be worthy, we have been sent here because we are able to become masters of ourselves and endure this time, the restoration is an ongoing process we are living in it right now, this is the most remarkable time in history, we bare the priesthood of the most high God we have unspeakable potential, we are sons of light, there is too much at stake to give a halfhearted effort with this work, each of us will be a model of the priesthood one day whether we want to or not, when you know you are a child of God you will better understand what is expected of you, have the courage to do that which is right, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we need to be grateful of our circumstances whatever they may be, the more we learn about the gospel we will discover that there are no true endings only everlasting beginnings, gratitude is the catalyst of all Christ like attributes, let us set aside the things of this world and run the race with patience, you are in the midst of an exhilarating journey. you have been preparing for this time for a millennia, we don’t need to carry our burdens with our obvious limited capacities, the Lord has perfect empathy, we will become agents that act rather than be acted upon, blame keeps wounds open forgiveness heals, everyone has the power to increase the sub total of the world’s happiness, when we get the impression to do something we do not procrastinate we act upon it, the more connected we are to our righteous forefathers the more likely we are to live righteously, there will always be opposition to that that is true, the savior was rejected because He taught truth and the truth will always be opposed, we should look unto Him in every thought, serving others is a hallmark of Christ, faith is truly more than imagination or a physiological creation, some doubt some believe and some know of the Saviors resurrection, may we ever be found doing the work of the Lord - So that was just some of my notes I took. I hope you guy’s received the needed revelation and counsel that we all so desperately need. I know that you did. Go back and listen to all the talks and ponder upon them, pray to know how you can be a little better and how you can better serve those around you.
I love you all, with every fiber of my being.

Stay strong, stay true, and look out for one another while I’m away, alright?
-Elder Daniel
 Going back to my primary days
My exchange with Elder Graves last week
Getting some awesome Mexican Food!

Only in Escondido, CA

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