Monday, November 25, 2013


Helloooooooo Family!!!

So we had transfer meeting this Tuesday. My Companion is now in Vista and my new companion is Elder Jacobsen from Bountiful, Utah. He's been out for about nine months, he's pretty soft spoken and chill, but he's a really hard worker, he's funny, and he knows how things work. I’m still a little rough around the edges, so I’m glad I have a comp with a little bit of experience who I can learn from. His first Sunday in the ward he got thrown under the bus a little. So one of the youth speakers had an anxiety attack and never showed up to give her talk, so Bishop Nordstrom asked a bunch of people to come up and bare their testimonies on the theme that the talks were on that day. And guess what it was? The Law of Chastity! haha, welcome to Cole Canyon Elder Jacobsen! 

We taught Rhiannon the Plan of Salvation last night at a member’s home. We invited her to be baptized but, she turned it down because she doesn't know how her dad will feel about it, and she said she isn’t ready to make that kind of commitment. Well definitely keep working with her and doing anything we can to help her understand and overcome the barriers that are keeping her from being baptized. It’s been a little tough facing rejection and opposition, not just from investigators, but people we try to talk to as well. I’ve been praying very hard to know what I need to do have success and how to improve the work in this area. I remembered something that I felt very strongly in the MTC when I was going through somewhat of the same thing. 'This work isn't about you at all, it’s about serving others and bringing your brothers and sisters to a knowledge of the truth." That's something I had forgotten for a little while, you get so caught up in the work and comfortable being a missionary going through the motions that you can forget what you came out for in the first place, if that makes sense. I'm begin obedient, I just haven't been as bold and focused on baptism as I could be. I haven't truly lost myself in the work yet. That's when miracles happen, when you forget yourself and focus solely on those you love and care about. It all comes back to truly living as the savior did and following his example. That's all missionary work really is, doing as our savior did. I'm also taken back to a scripture in DC 24: 8. We’re going to be put through trials and hard times, it’s inevitable, but the Lord is always with us and that’s something that we need to always remember. More than anyone, He knows exactly what we’re going through, and He's always there to help.

We started doing service at a sports park repainting fire lane curbs and stuff and guess what was in my sight every time you looked up? A skate park, begging for me to ride it. It was pure torture.


(My man Peanut and I, were pretty chill)
Yesterday we also started doing service on Sister Dempkey's horse ranch way up on this huge mountain. Cleaning pens, changing water, and feeding the horses. It’s something were going to start doing now every Tuesday. It’s a pretty sweet change of scenery. Her son David, who is autistic, helped us out too. It was a ton of fun.
(My new comp, Elder Jacobsen and David in his cowboy gear)
Whelp I'm out of time. Speaking of time where has it gone? I've almost been out 6 months in December, Holy Moses!! 

I love you all. I pray for you all the time. Stay true, remember those who sacrificed so much for this gospel, and always look out for each-other.

 -Elder Jon Daniel

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