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What’s up guys! Alright so mom to answer your questions. I have received the bike tubes grandpa sent me, I got them yesterday. Clothes wise, I could use about three small short sleeve white shirts the ones that are 100% cotton would be best. I could use about three more pairs of pants 32 x 32 and if you can find them in grey, green, or brown that would be sweet. I have almost worn holes through the bottoms of my shoes, I can buy them out here if you guys send me around 40 - 50 dollars. I think that’s about it for clothes. I’ve asked everybody if it gets cold here and they say not at all really, the coldest it gets in winter is at night and it only drops in the 50s or 40s, plus I'm pretty far inland right now and probably won’t be near the coast for another few transfers. I brought my Carhart, a few other jackets and some long sleeve shirts so I should be fine. Moneywise, right now I could just use the money for some new shoes, that’s all I can think of. I'll let you know if I am I need of anything else. And yes, I did receive the wedding pictures.

Dad, I'm sorry, but missionaries aren’t allowed to use phones or access other internet sites, so I don’t really know what to do about my bank card. I really appreciate it though and it would be sweet to use it. If it causes to much more problems then we may just have to cancel it. I don’t know. We'll get it figured out. It sucks that I'm super busy. Sounds like scouts is doing good, it's got to be  a lot of fun working with Jack. I hear ya’ll are going to see The Eagles that should be epic!

Jeffery, I was actually planning on when I get back going on a big hike/camping trip thing, and not shaving for a month. haha. So I'm definitely down when I get back.

Alright, This week has been hot let me tell ya! My face almost matches the red tie dad got me for Christmas! So two elders from our district got emergency transferred and we got two new ones. Elder Gonzalez is from Mexico and Elder Kriser is from...drumroll......ALABAMA! Dothan, wherever that is, but it’s awesome to have someone from the south for a change. It's still been pretty slow here in Fallbrook. We’re working on strengthening the ward and finding still. Although this last week we had our mission president meet with Jason, one of our "investigators". He's been investigating for about five years, but is technically a member. He's just hasn’t been able to get baptized because of some things in his past and has to get first presidency permission. So the ball is rolling now and was hoping that the letter will come back in a few months. We also got a call back from one of our referrals, which never happen, and she wants to meet with us. Her name is Lara, her daughter is dating a Mormon and she wants to know more. I’ve been praying hard for success, to find people, and to be a better teacher. It’s has been pretty rough. A lot of the time I still feel like I don’t know enough and I'll never be able to be a great missionary, but then I always remember my branch presidents advice from the MTC and the scripture he showed me. (Ether 12:27) Were given weaknesses and trials for a reason, to humble ourselves and put our trust in the Lord and to become strong through Him. He told me it's perfectly fine to feel inadequate, if you didn’t feel inadequate there’s probably something wrong, because none of us are perfect or ever will be in this life. So that gives me a lot of comfort and strength when times get tough.

 I love all you guys, I'll see ya soon. Christmas is right around the corner.

Stay true, and look out for each other

 -Elder Jon Daniel

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