Sunday, September 15, 2013


How y’all doing?

Walter has a truck! A Ford Ranger?! What!? That boy better have his Eagle Papers in!! Anthony, welcome to the big leagues buddy!! You’re growing up too fast!!

Dad, that’s so cool that Jack is the new webelos leader, you guys are going to do great. Tell the boys I said what’s up!

I sent the memory card a few days ago, so it should be home soon.

Alright, missionary stuff we’re still working on finding. We don’t really have any investigators. We’ve been going by a ton of referrals and they’re usually never home or not interested. So then we contact people on the street, we have had some success with that in the past, but not lately. All you can do is be obedient, do all that the Lord asks of you and thrust in your sickle with all your might and see where the chips fall from there. I have a feeling Fallbrook is going to be my toughest area. It's a good thing I'm going through the inevitable "mud" every missionary goes through early on in my mission.

We had zone conference last Wednesday. President Kendrick trained us on how to give talks in church, it was super good. When I get back I’m going to be able to give talks like Elder Holland. He also gave us some counsel at the end that struck me. He said that "if you’re out here focusing on how the mission is going to bless your life you’re not going to be successful. You’re out here to find, teach, and baptize and bring your brothers and sisters back into the fold. That’s your purpose and needs to be your main and only focus. After that, then the blessings of a mission will take its course." I kind of got stuck in a rut for a while and forgot why I came out here in the first place, I was only thinking about me. So for now on all my efforts will be focused outward and on my purpose as a missionary.

Hahaha, One more story, so we were eating dinner with a family on Sunday, a mom a dad and their four daughters, and I almost died!  We had roast and potatoes, and I ate way too fast and couldn’t breathe. Long story short I had to run to the bathroom and well, use your imagination. On the bright side, after that we had a super sweet lesson on the Book of Mormon! So I don’t think that family will ever forget Elder Daniel anytime soon, haha.

I've been praying to be a better missionary and I've still been having a few issues with my comp. This morning I felt like I should study some old notes and scriptures and stuff and so I did. and I found a scripture that was buried in my notes that answered my prayers perfectly. 1John 2: 8-11 it helped me out a lot.

We’ve been on exchanges a few times this last week and they’ve both been in my area, so that means I’ve been in charge. Pretty scary, but they went well. I survived!! What an exchange is where you switch companions for a day so that you can learn from each other.

 Well I love you all, I think aboutcha all the time. Like I always say “stay true and look out for each other"

 -Elder Daniel 

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