Monday, June 8, 2015

The coast is white, already to harvest 5-18-15

This week we started teaching an awesome new family, a mom (Stacey) and her two young kids. She is good friends with a member of the church that lives in her complex and she has a cousin who is a member as well, she has just never been curious or exposed to the church before until now. E. Matson and another missionary actually just contacted her in the parking lot, asked her if we could come back and share a simple mission, and she agreed to have us back. We had a super awesome spirit filled lesson with her and her kids Saturday morning and were going back on Friday. This kind of situation can seem cliché, but when you’re actually there teaching, feeling the spirit, involved in the work, and are a firsthand witness of the hand of the Lord in someone else's life and you get to see the light of the gospel in their eyes for the first time, words can’t describe it. You simply have to experience it for yourself. So that is the main highlight of our week. Were still teaching Diana and are preparing her for her baptism on the 6th of June!!!! She is so solid, her energy and enthusiasm about her decision to be baptized is contagious. Where always laughing and smiling when we have lessons with her. She is becoming an American citizen next week, the weekend after she is getting baptized, and then it’s her birthday. So she is getting a triple attack of awesomeness coming her way! I don't know if I mentioned last week but there is lots of stuff happening in my last area in Murrieta. Ben was baptized last week and Liz is set for this weekend!!! I’m so stoked for both of them!
I was also able to go on exchanges with Elder Boehme this week. He is one of the missionaries serving in the Farci speaking ward. We were actually able to give an Iranian guy a blessing at one of the rehabilitation centers in Encinitas it was pretty cool. Elder Boehme and the guy we gave a blessing to were having a convo in Farci while we were visiting with him. I didn't understand a word, but it was super cool. It strengthens my testimony that the work of the Lord will roll forth unto every nation, tongue, and people.

I love you all,
-Elder Daniel

-The coast is white, already to harvest

​- Contacting mermaids
 - Exchanges with Elder Boehme

​-Messing with Bogey
Ben's Baptism

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