Sunday, January 25, 2015


Hey Everybody!!!

So tons of stuff happened this week!!!!
First of all it was so good to see all of you!! You all looked great and seemed like life is treating you well. Thank you for all the gifts! I was in desperate need of socks and the pants you sent me are on point! They’re like my favorite pair, they make my butt look so good!! haha, JK. Thanks for the oatmeal/date cookies dad, they are bomb!! Thank you for everything and not forgetting about me out here. I hope all of your Christmas's were grand and full of love, happiness and tender moments!

We had our mission Christmas devotional on the 24th and it was so good. I will try to send out the video of all the baptisms we had this year. We had 429 yeah baby!!!!!! That many souls took upon themselves the name of Christ and are one step closer to return to the presence of their Heavenly Father! It was very bitter sweet though, a lot of missionaries that I have served around my whole mission and the sisters that we started our missions with in the MTC left for home on Saturday :( I’m on death row you guys!!!
So big news, on Christmas evening I got one more gift from President Kendrick. He gave us a call as we were driving to some basketball courts to play with some other elders, (until you are a missionary you won’t understand how freaking scary a random call from your mission president is), and he asked if I would be willing to take on the assignment of district leader and trainer and I said yes. So starting next week I will be providing trainings and discussions for my district meetings every week, I will be conducting companionship exchanges, I will be doing an assessment of missionary progress for transfers, I will be making phone calls just about every night, I will be conducting baptismal interviews, and a whole slew of other responsibilities that just got put upon my shoulders. I will have to be on the top of my game because I will be an example to the missionaries in my district. It’s crazy!!!! haha, I am going to have so much to do. Funny thing though, I have been praying just about every night for Heavenly Father to provide me with opportunities to be a better missionary, to be a tool in His hands, and just a better person. And looks like I’m getting what I asked for! Be careful what you pray for guys. Oh, and I found out yesterday that I am actually not going to be training. President Kendrick gave me a call out of the blue yesterday and told me they made some changes, so I am off the hook. Also, I am finally being transferred out of the Palomar Young Single Adult ward. I am going to miss it so much. This has been hands down my favorite area in my mission so far. It will be strange transitioning back into family work. I will be back this weekend hopefully for Ryan's baptism!!! Yup, he committed to baptism for the 3rd of January!!!! And I will be back for Blake's as well as soon as he receives permission from Salt Lake.

We weren't able to have too many lessons this week because of the holidays, but the ones we did have the spirit was full to the brim. We had a lesson with some less active kids in our ward. They're names are Paola, David, and Raul. First the first little while we were there we talked about skateboarding and stuff since they were watching a Street League competition. At the end I was able to share a scripture on the Atonement and bare my testimony of how he knows and has felt exactly what all of us are going through. At the beginning of the lesson Paola seemed fine, but towards the end she was in tears. (The Spirit is real!!!!). It was awesome because they all want to do the right thing and it’s hard for them sometimes, and after that lesson they all couldn't wait to go to church the next day!
The sisters had a baptism last night for one of their investigators, Gia, that we were instrumental in assisting them with. It was crazy though, the adversary did not want that baptism to happen. He tried to take out one of our sisters and Gia both!!! Before sacrament meeting sister Edgecomb was herself, bright, smiley and full of light and energy as always. But halfway through the meeting the sisters left. Sister Denny came back and said that she was feeling absolutely terrible and nauseous and the same thing with Gia about 10 minutes later!!! So we gave them both blessings by the end of sacrament they were themselves again like nothing had even happened. (The Priesthood is real!!!!). Her baptism was wonderful. It has taken her a lot of sacrifice to get where she is now and to even be baptized since her family, especially her father, aren't very fond of the church. It was a very somber moment to see her go under the water.

We had a lesson with one of our recent converts last week and he has a few dogs, one being a skinny little Chihuahua named PePe. When we got to his house and were on his porch PePe was barking hysterically at one of our ward missionaries, Kenny that we had brought with us. It was weird because he usually never barks at anyone. So Josh held him close to Kenny to sniff him so he would stop barking, but instead of sniffing him he tried to take a chunk out of his shoulder!!!! I felt bad for Kenny but it was hilarious, we all had a good laugh.
I almost forgot to tell you about our mini missionary. We have a youth from the Murrieta stake joining Elder Fitzpatrick and I for the week so they can see what missionary life is really like. His name is Cody, he is a stud!

Well I love you all, wish me luck (or pray for me, that would be best!)
Onward! Ever Onward!!

-Elder Daniel
Gia's baptism!!!!
-Christmas socks!!!!
-Our mini missionary Cody!!!
-Christmas Devotional!!!

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