Sunday, January 25, 2015


Thanks for the awesome pictures! I want to go to the Gilbert temple so bad!!!!!!! You all were looking beautiful!!!So much has happened in the past week it’s ridiculous!

So I am now serving in the Oceanside 2nd Ward in the Carlsbad Zone. And guess what that means guys? I can finally see the Pacific Ocean!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOO. It’s a pretty big deal. It is pretty stinking beautiful. Who can say that one of the wards they served in on their mission was the "Oceanside" 2nd Ward?! It has the word "Ocean" in it! Haha, I’m sorry. I’ve just been wanting to serve in this part of the mission for a long time and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m now living in a four man apartment now with two other elders, it can get pretty crazy sometimes, but I love it. They are all from Idaho except for me, I’m the black sheep from Alabama. My new companion's name is Elder Waechtler! He is from Georgetown, Idaho. He is a cool kid. He is a great missionary, I actually served around him last year when I was in Murrieta. He is a little different, and can be blunt with people sometimes, but his testimony is sincere and he really wants to be the best missionary he can be, he's been helping me out a lot. I miss Palomar so much. It has been a pretty odd transition back into family work. They’re both have completely
I am now the District Leader over the Oceanside District. And so far so good. It’s not too bad actually. I just am a little busier now with preparing trainings, exchanges with the elders in my district, conducting District Meetings, looking after the welfare of everyone I have stewardship over, and setting a good example.

It snowed in Murrieta!! Yes, it actually snowed in Southern California!!! What the heck!? The second ice age is quickly approaching us.

I was able to go back to San Marcos on Saturday for Ryan's baptism!!!! It was a great reunion with everyone back in Palomar and the spirit was strong. I was actually able to baptize Ryan, it was a sweet experience. I had to dunk him twice because his knee came up, but it’s all good. He understood the importance and exactness of the ordinance so it was a good learning experience for him. I guess the water had been sitting there in the font for a little while because it was FREEZING when we got out. Ryan and I were shaking when we got back to change, haha.
I meant to tell you that I’ve been using my essential oils like crazy lately. I’ve been using the peppermint a lot because I’ve been getting tons of headaches. I’ve actually let the sisters use it as well because they have been having crappy headaches too. I’ve also been using the lavender whenever I get stressed out, it helps a ton. I will probably be using it a lot more in the future now too, you can probably guess why haha.

Well, I love you all. Know that I think about you all the time and I haven’t forgotten about you.

-Elder Daniel
Victor/Brandon Shred Crew

Jumba Juice

Bishop Urry/Grant

                                                                Snow in SoCal!!!!

Oceanside baby!!!

-Ryans Baptism!!!!
new Comp Elder Waechtler!!!!!

-Double Peak (last P-Day in Palomar)

-Sister Edgecomb Double Peak (last P-Day in Palomar)

-Sister Denny Double Peak (last P-Day in Palomar)

Elder Fitzpatrick -Double Peak (last P-Day in Palomar)

                                                    -Double Peak (last P-Day in Palomar)

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