Tuesday, January 6, 2015


What’s up everybody!!!!!
Dad, I really appreciate the football updates and keeping me in the loop. I hope I don’t miss another crazy Iron Bowl this year. I always joke with my bishop that we only like each other because we have to since he's a diehard USC fan.

Tyler is going to Portugal?! That’s freaking awesome!! He will be a stud!! Hey, I ran into a lady from Carlsbad at church yesterday and she asked me where I was from and she said, "No way!! I graduated from Grissom High School!!" Once again, very, very small world in the church. And guess what? My first companion, Elder Kyle Thompson, Was just married on Saturday in the New Port Beach Temple! And he's only been off his mission for 6 months!! I think I’m going to give myself a few years of freedom first before I sell my soul to some crazy lady. haha.
How is the weather in Bama? Right now in Escondido it’s a brisk, breathtaking 78 degrees Fahrenheit. We actually have a pot with some sunflowers on our balcony at the apartment because the weather is so stinking nice here even in the middle of November, it’s crazy. Hey mom, I’ve used some Essential Oils the other day. I had a headache at like midnight and so I put like 6 drops of Peppermint on my head, it wasn’t till I started rubbing it around that I realized that a little goes a long way. Then I learned a great lesson about washing your hands after using it too, because I scratched my eye because it was itchy. After that I felt like my head from the inside out was on fire, but I forgot all about the pain that my headache was causing me and was able to  fall asleep after it set in after a while. haha

So we were able to meet with Elder Teh of the Seventy last Tuesday. He was awesome! He was so personable, he took the time to get to know each of us and during all of his presentations he wasn’t just talking to us from the pulpit, but was down in the pews with us getting us all involved in discussion. It was an awesome spiritual drop kick to the face. I don’t think anyone slept the entire time, haha.
This week we were able to teach all of our investigators. Blake, Demetrio, and Nick. They are all progressing and two have dates set for baptism in the next few weeks! I’m stoked for them!!!! And one of our potentials that we met actually came to church yesterday, Miguel (the one we had a lesson set up with, he wasn’t there, then we found him on the street). The work here is rolling along smoothly, but were not letting it make us lazy. We are still thrusting with our sickles with all our might, putting our hands to the plow, and aren’t looking back.

I want to share with you one scripture, 2 Tim 1:7-8. It talks about how our Heavenly Father has not given us the spirit of fear, but has given us power. And to be not ashamed of the testimony of the Savior that is in you. Never be afraid to stand up for what you know to be true, we are not entitled to fear, but power. Remember that.
I love you all, can’t wait to see everyone next month!!!!!!

-Elder Daniel
- Some cool skater kids from the Santa Fe Hills Ward
-ON splits with Jake in his Jeep Wrangler!!!!
-E. Fitzpatrick in the "Dirty Dido"


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