Monday, November 17, 2014


First off, holy crap!
 Jeffery, I’m so sorry man. That sucks really badly. How the heck did that happen???!? Hope you get a new set of wheels soon man, and hopefully you were able to salvage what you could. Hopefully that day you forgot to grab anything of value and put it in your truck like your skateboards, wallet, and stuff. I'm just glad you weren't in the truck, you can replace a vehicle, but not a Jeffery, there's only one of those. Sounds like y'all had a fun interesting week! As for me, not that crazy. Don't think I can top that. But I’ll try. Here is the highlight reel of my week.
On Monday last week Elder Fitzpatrick locked the keys in the trunk of the Corolla at like 9 O'clock. So we had to spend the night at our District leader’s apartment. I was freezing, it smelt bad because their apartment is all old and moldy, and I slept on the floor only getting about an hour of sleep. Then we woke up went to Vista to get a spare key and taught a lesson at 11 o'clock at the Institute, without having taken a shower. Hopefully we didn't scare our investigator away from our stench.  
On Friday we had a lesson with Blake, a former investigator, I think I mentioned him in my emails a few months ago. We had the lesson at our assistant ward mission leader’s house, Jimmy, with to other cool kids form the ward, Kenny and Justin. We taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit was so strong. We were able to set a date with him for the beginning of December, which is awesome because he told us that time last year he was in jail, great way to change that anniversary to something happy to remember. He told us that he has been to a few other churches in the past few months and he says he feels different when he’s not at our church. Like there is something missing. (The Spirit). He said that he actually started reading the Book of Mormon for the first time and feels that it is true! We asked him to say the closing prayer and as he said it he got a little emotional. It is freaking awesome to see the Spirit in action softening people’s hearts.
Over the course of my mission something that I have prayed for just about every night is just to be a blessing in others’ lives. Lately I’ve been getting frustrated with myself. I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been an influence on many people at all and have done a poor job at showing people that I love them, when I really do care. I had an experience last week that helped me understand that this is not the case at all. Elder Cowan, one of my last companions and is now my district leader, wanted to go on another exchange with me this transfer. Which puzzled me because we had already done our exchanges for this transfer. Up until the very end of the exchange I had no idea why I was there, but then he told me. He said that the reason he wanted to go on the exchange with me was to just tell me that he has seen how I have helped certain missionaries out that I have served around in the past that were struggling really bad. He said that he feels that the reason we are serving around each other again is because he felt like he should have told me that when we were companions, but he didn’t. And then this last week received a note from one of those missionaries who is about to go home in about a week. I found out that this missionary was struggling with some things that I had no idea about when she was serving around me. And she just thanked me for being kind to her during those hard times. I’m not telling you all this to boast, but to tell you that Heavenly Father answers prayers through other people. That is how he works, we are his hands. Those were a few tender mercies I received this week.
Tomorrow our mission is meeting with Elder Teh of the 70. He spoke in the April General Conference this year. Should be freaking awesome!!
I love you all, let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

-Elder Daniel


-The Esco Zooooone!!!

- Made our own beards in the spirit of No Shave November

-This is Jake, just got his call to Indiana Indianappolis Mission

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