Thursday, October 23, 2014


Que Pasa!!!!
Anthony how the heck did you break your nose!? You’re a trooper man! You’re tougher than all of your older brothers and your 6 years old!! None of us have broken our noses before.

Adeline, thank you for the awesome tradition you have when you go to the Sparkman building, brings a smile to my face whenever you send me any pictures. We’ll have to make a collage when I get back or something of all the pictures you’ve taken so far.
So we found out that Elder Graves and I would be put in a "trio" for a week until he goes home this Wednesday. So on Saturday we went to Vista and had a mini transfer meeting and we picked up Elder Fitzpatrick! He was one of the missionaries that came out to the field in the same group as I. He is super funny and an awesome missionary. He is also from Payson, Utah. Kids a stud. He kind of reminds me of Logan, just his mannerisms and the way he is, haha. I’m going to miss Elder Graves when he goes home on Wednesday, He has taught me a ton, has helped me grow tremendously and he has served along my side most of my mission.

This week was a little hectic because of the meetings, exchanges, and switch ups. We weren't able to see as many people as we would have hoped. It’s a little different teaching in a trio, because it can be overwhelming for some people when we roll in their place three deep, but we make it work.
Demitrio came to church again yesterday! Our mission President spoke in our ward yesterday and we had great Sunday school lessons, which was awesome. When you’re a missionary and your investigators come to church you are constantly worried about how the services go and praying that everything goes well so that they will feel the spirit.

Something that President Kendrick said that hit me that he told us when we met him in the MTC was that everyone needs the gospel, everyone. It’s not just for a few lucky people who just happened to be born into the church. So if you ever think that someone seems like they’re not ready or will never accept the gospel, don’t lose hope or judge. You never know if they are ready, all you need to do is invite. It’s that simple.
I love you all,
Your son, big brother, and friend

-Elder Daniel
-The Trio
-The Bacon Sermon!! haha


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