Saturday, August 16, 2014


What’s up everyone!!!!!
Matt is home already?! Holy Moses time flies! I wish I could be there next week, I love farewell and homecoming talks. Man, and Cal is already leaving too! Its weird hearing about everyone going back to school. I always thought summer went fast when I was in school, but this has been the fastest summer of my life! Should summer even be in my vocabulary when it's summer here all the time?
So this week has been super busy. I seriously don’t think I’ve done this much teaching my entire mission! It’s awesome. We picked up 2 new investigators last week and have an appointment to pick one up today. We’ve also had a ton of recent convert and less active lessons, more than we usually do. It was a great week.
So the first one we picked up was Mario. Some sisters talked to him in the street and referred him to us. We went by with a member of our ward and taught him the Restoration. By the end of the lesson we all weren’t really feeling committing him to baptism, but then out of nowhere Elder Moolenbeek, as bold as a lion, asked him if he would be baptized by someone holding the proper authority. He thought about it for a good minute and said yes. Just goes to show, when the spirit asks you to do something, even though it’s hard or doesn’t seem right, you do it. He has a potential date set for the end of this month. Then next one we picked up was a guy named Michael. He was a pass off from the San Marcos zone leaders. He is a little into drugs and has a few polluted views on things, but super nice friendly guy. We decided to teach him about the articles of faith and what we believe. It went very well, he said his view about us is completely different now than it was before and were not as crazy as he thought we were, but were normal people.
I wish I could tell you more, but I’m out of time. I hate not being able to tell you guys everything!!
I love you all,
Stay true, stay strong, and look out for one another while I’m away, alright?
Your son, friend, and big brother,

-Elder Daniel
We have a car!!
One of our members super nice appartments
Up in the hills



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