Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Helloooooooo Everyone!!!
I got the videos of y’all doing the ice water challenge, they were freaking hilarious! Thanks Rich!! Can’t believe mom did it!! haha. Ant, you’re a stud bro! You took it like a champ!! Made my P-day for sure. I actually had an investigator in my last area who did the same thing!
I emailed my mission President about going on exchanges with one of the assistants serving in the Vista 10th Ward so that I could go see Daylon and he said that we could make that happen! So I should be meeting up with him some time here soon. I'll keep you posted. I super stoked, I get to see Daylon while I’m a missionary freak'n sweet!! If you can get a hold of him tell him I can come see him if he wants. Does he have a cell phone?
So on Saturday we had Alfonso's baptism. It was a sweet experience. His whole family was there too, and they’re awesome! They’re super supportive of him and his decision to get baptized. Our bishop, Alfonso, and his family are actually neighbors, they live right behind each other. Both families have known each other for years so for him to get baptized was a super cool experience for them. He has a younger brother and sister who are out of high school and have a lot of friends who are members so we may be teaching his younger siblings here soon too. His girlfriend, who is a member, and her family were there too. Her brother started a trend at the baptism too, #teamalfonso!
We were able to go on splits last Tuesday. I was able to go with a recent convert of about a year named Giovani. The people we stopped by all fell through so I was able to have a very good talk with him. We both talked about our conversions to the gospel. He told me his story and I told him mine. I wish I could tell you the whole thing but for the sake of time I’ll have to water it down. He is going through a lot, just with his testimony and life in general, he's had a rough past. I was also able to tell him how awesome missions are, all the miracles I’ve seen, and the growth I’ve seen in myself. And to never lose sight of the gospel, not matter what. We were just sitting in his car for like an hour on the side of the road, but the spirit was there, it was a spiritually profound moment on my mission that I will never forget.
One of the speakers at church yesterday that being obedient doesn’t mean anything unless it allows us to change. Remember that just because we live the gospel, if we don’t let it change our lives it is of no worth. Enjoy the journey while you are here. Don’t have too much focus on the destination that we don’t allow the journey to change us.

P.S. next Monday is Labor Day so pday is on Tuesday!!! And are you guys feeding the missionaries? If not FEED EM'!!! They will love you forever and they will bless your life.
I love you all, more than anything,
Your son, big brother, and friend,

-Elder Daniel
-Alfonso got baptized!!!!
-The District
-Cool graffiti/murals in downtown Escondido


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