Wednesday, August 27, 2014


What’s up everybody!!!
Lately I’ve run into a ton of people who have connections to Huntsville or just Alabama in general. My bishop in my last area used to work at Intergraph, a member's dad from the YSA ward still makes trips out to Redstone Arsenal for his line of work, (He actually works out of the buildings that I was working at right before I left on my mission, the ones where we put up the Trend way by the gate on Patton, Jeffery would know.) and I ran into two RMs who served in Bama. On Monday I ran into a returned missionary at a doughnut shop wearing a baseball cap with a big ol red "A" on it and yesterday an elder just returned home from the Alabama Birmingham Mission and knew all the elders that I had gone on splits with before I left. They both served in Huntsville, Fayetteville, and Prattville during their missions.  It is a very small world within the church, no doubt.
I told President Kendrick about Daylon and he said that if I’m ever on that side of town for a meeting or anything like that it would be more than alright for me to go see him!!!! So I need to figure out how to make that possible and I should be able to go by him some time. I'll continue to keep you posted on my progress with that.
This week we werent able to meet with Michael or Mario or Jesus, but we were able to meet with Alfonso! He is getting baptized this Saturday which is super exciting. We were able to teach him the rest of the Commandments that we had left to teach him, (Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom, Tithing, Fasting) I was able to share a few experiences to help teach him of the blessings that come from tithing. I told him about how Jeffery and I were working with Ralph for a while making good money, then out of nowhere Joe tells us that we need to start looking for another job because they had run out of contracts and there wasn’t going to be enough work to keep us busy. I remember it being a real trial of my faith to pay my tithing because I still had bills to pay, gas, and other miscellaneous things and it wasn’t like the tithing I was paying was just 10 dollars, it was a lot. But I paid it anyway because I knew the Lord would take care of us. And then the next week we had gotten about 8 missed calls form Ralph asking us to get our butts back out on base to work. Jeffery is still is working for him and he said I will have a job when I get back. When you are faithful and put your trust in the Lord, He will take care of you one way or another, I know that to be true without a doubt. I was able to share a few other experiences for the different commandments as well. When you can share actual experiences as well as the doctrine behind what we’re teaching it’s so much more powerful.
One of the members of the High Council spoke yesterday and one of the things that he stressed was that “just because you know the truth, if you don’t live according to the knowledge that you have, it will do nothing for you." That hit me, it’s so true. We can know the truth of all things, but if we aren’t willing to act upon what we know or live according to the truth that we possess, it is as if we never gained that knowledge at all. Never take what we have for granted, it is such an insane blessing to have the fullness of the gospel in our lives. Never forget that if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

I love you all, I mean it,
Your son, big brother, and friend,

 -Elder Daniel
-The recently returned Elder Thurston from the Alabama Birmingham Mission
-An old, 6 ft 10, friend came back to visit yesterday, my first district leader I ever had, the former E. Hansen
-the restroom at the institute building
-Palomar Mountain!


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