Monday, May 19, 2014


Hey Everyone,
I hope all y’all will be safe back home, I'll be keeping you in my prayers. I really hope no tornados touch down close to where y’all are at. Please stay safe!! I heard Walter is working at the VBC now, very nice. It will be good for him. Tell him to become friends with Barney and not to let Kevin get to him too much and to just work hard. I hope work is going well for you dad. How are you and Richard doing? I hope y’all are staying busy.

So Elder Peterson is now in Fallbrook 2nd Ward, (the ward I started my mission in!) and He's a zone leader! I’m really excited for him, but I miss the crud out of that guy. My new companions name is Elder Cowan. He's a country boy from Evanston Wyoming. He lives on a huge ranch and has a little bit of a twang in his voice, (which is kind of nice, I’ve been missing the southern accents from bama). He's awesome, I love the guy. And Elder Mather, my MTC companion is now my zone leader, so that means I will be able to go on exchanges with him, which I am very excited about.
I forgot to mention our Bishop, Bishop Evans, actually lived in Huntsville back in the 90's and worked for Intergraph, small world huh?

We should be meeting with a guy named Michael today, who we talked to on the street a few nights ago. We were doing service that day, it was the end of the night and we only had 30 minutes left and I really didn’t feel like putting pros back on and go back out to work, but we did. And we ran into Michael, so that was one small miracle. We also got a referral last week, her name is Lavell and we will be meeting with her this Thursday.
My trainer Elder Thompson went home last week and he gave a very powerful testimony at the transfer meeting. He stressed that we are not done being missionaries when we finish our missions, we signed up for a life time. This is a strip from his last email that he wrote on his mission.

 "The success of your mission is not measured by the number of people you baptize (whether you just taught them and someone else baptized them or you performed the ordnance yourself), the number of people you bring back to church, or the number of people you ever talked to on the street. It’s not measured by the number of records you set in your mission, it’s not set by how long you stayed in an area. It’s not measured by the number of times you white washed, or trained. It’s not measured by how many of your greenies trained or got a call while you were still with them. What it comes down to when you serve a mission to make it successful is did your mission change you for 2 years or for eternity. If you want your mission to be successful you promise to remain in the church and to preach His Gospel the rest of your life and into eternity." I’m going to miss him, he taught me a lot about the work and about life. Do you ever feel like you don’t know what you got, till it’s gone? haha.
At the end of the Priesthood session of conference there was a young man who came us to Elder Peterson and I and told us " I don’t know you guys, but I just wanted to thank you for being a good example, I just thought I should tell you that, I’m leaving for my mission this summer" I’ve had many subtle moments where people have mentioned that to me, and it has plucked my heart strings to the core. I am reminded of one of the reasons why I’m here and it makes me want to be more converted, work harder, and be a better person than I was before.

 I love you all,
Stay strong, stay true, and look our for one another while I'm gone, alright?
and be safe today!
-Elder Daniel

A very accurate depiction of Jesus a 3 year old drew for us

My first companion and trainer, Elder Thompson, finally headed home last week. Gonna miss him.

                                           New Comp, Elder Cowan!! From Evenston Wyoming

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