Monday, March 24, 2014


Hello super amazing family and friends!!!
Thanks for the throw backs, mom. They put a big smile on my face. Ant is growing like a weed. That’s crazy it is a very small world in the church, no question. I don’t think I’ve met Elder Hamblin, but I’ve definitely heard his name among other missionaries. Yes I remember Jennifer! and wait, Jake Larsen as is Shelby Larsen's brother, the one who played football at Bob Jones??! What??! That’s crazy!! There's so much stuff happening back on the home front. So Walter's getting a job at Rosie's now? That will be good for him too. Really anything where he has to work with people will be good for him. I just hope he gets employed somewhere soon. Man, I still can’t believe that kid is driving, blows my mind.
Dad, sorry if it seems like I’ve been using too much of the personal funds this month. I ran out of MSF, (missionary support fund), and had to use some of it for groceries last week.
Mom we do have a Walmart in our area, so if you put money in for me to buy some that would be awesome, and if you do happen to send some I think the medium cotton ones would be better, my small shirts are gett'n kinda tight.
I have only a few minutes because the library was pretty crowded today so I'll tell you as much as I can.
Alright, so I am no longer in Murrieta. I am now in the Escondido Stake, San Marcos Zone, and the Twin Oaks Valley Ward (A). We share the ward with another set of elders. My new Companion's name is Elder Petersen, he is from Lehi, Utah and he is the best companion I could ever ask for. He is the district leader. He's a hard worker, he's hilarious, he's super humble, and he's the most Christ like individual I’ve ever met. I love the guy. Our zone is awesome, it’s full of elders and sisters that I’ve served around and they’re all amazing. I love my new area, we don’t have very many people were teaching, but we picked up a new investigator last week and her name is Alva, I'll inform you more next week. Were on foot full time, so contacting has been awesome. I love talking to everybody about the gospel, I’m not as reluctant as I was at the beginning of my mission to talk to people, but now it’s fun, I love it. You feel so good doing the work of the Lord. I wish I could talk more. I'll inform y’all more next week, and hopefully it will be more spiritual.

I love you all,
Stay strong, stay true, and look out for one another while I’m away alright?
-Elder Daniel

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