Thursday, February 13, 2014


Helloooooo Everybody!!!!!
Happy birthday Dad!! I sent you a letter so you should be getting it soon. I hope you guys are staying safe and warm over yonder. Y’all are going to have to whip out the Pathfinder and do what we did a couple years ago with the skim board, if it still works. I can’t remember what exactly was wrong with it when I left, I think the transmission or the brakes.. Or both. I can’t remember. Haha! That’s sweet that Walter got hooked up with the VBC, is he in concessions? Tell him to work hard and to not get discouraged about working there. That’s where Jeffery and I started. He'll learn a lot while he's there. So its tax season huh? I completely forgot that those existed, haha. All my files should be in my closet. I heard the Super Bowl was a blow out that Denver got destroyed by the Seahawks, but the half time show was good.. haha! Good year to miss it I guess. And that the Winter Olympics in Sochi have started. I’m still living with members so we hear them watching it occasionally, we hear brother Smedley yelling at the TV sometimes, and it’s hilarious. We actually watched Ephraim’s Rescue during New Year’s when we had to come in early. It was amazing, were all going to watch it when I get back. It did boost my spirits and give me strength getting a glimpse of what the saints had to go through back then and our heritage. I'm going to grow a beard like Ephraim when one day too, just wait.

SO, big news. Guess what? Who's got two thumbs and just got a baptism? This guy!!! So on Wednesday we got back from Zone training meeting and decided we should try by a referral that we got last week and weren’t able to meet with her until that day. I didn’t really think much of it because I haven’t had much success with referrals in the past. We took Brother Young with us because we needed another guy, and we got lucky because he's a cop and is usually busy, but he happened to not be doing anything that day. So we went over and met her, her name is Brehzia. We found out that she just moved here from Raleigh North Carolina and she had been taking the lessons for a good while now and she has been ready to be baptized for a while too. She has even helped 3 of her friends come to the church and they all have been baptized, how awesome is that!? So we asked her why she hadn’t been baptized yet and she said she was waiting for her uncle's birthday in September because he was someone who was special to her. She was pretty set on that day and so we asked her if there was any other day that she would be willing to do it and she said, " well the only other day would be today" It was the day her uncle passed away and the reason she would do it on that day would be so she would have something happy to look back on instead of sad. So we asked her "if we can get it arranged, would you want to do it today?" And she said “Absolutely" So after picking up my jaw off the floor as you can imagine we had a pretty hectic and busy rest of the day making a million phone calls, getting people to the baptism, getting as program together, filling the font, it was crazy!! haha. From knocking on her door to her standing in the water was only 3 hours. It all worked out absolutely perfect. The service was great for how short notice it was. There were at least 30 people there. We had her neighbor give an great talk, Brother Boaz, the guy I told you who was a composer, played a beautiful musical number, we had the zone leaders teach the restoration, and we had a few others bare super awesome testimonies. It was just perfect! I was one of the witnesses and I remember standing up there looking at her in the water with her eyes closed. And I felt something, this is why I’m here. 

I wish I had more time to tell you guys more, but I got to go.

I love you all, Stay strong, stay true, and look out for each other while I’m away, alright? This church is true, never forget it

-Elder Daniel
This is what it is all About!

More service at skate park!

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