Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hellooooooo Everybody!!!!

Anthony is 6.. What did I tell you guys about growing up too fast while I'm away!!!

Sorry if you guys were expecting an email yesterday, the libraries were closed due to Martin Luther King Day so our P-day is today. This week has been swell. We taught Mindy and her husband Jason again on Thursday and focused on prayer and on the scriptures. They are progressing, just very slowly, we are all on different levels and I'm alright with that. I just don’t want to get transferred out of Murrieta right after we found these awesome people! Transfer calls are actually this Saturday, so I'll let ya’ll know if I’m leaving or not next week. We did service at the horse ranch again yesterday and last we did some more service at the sports park sanding gates around a swimming pool and repainting them. Next week will be torture because, guess what? We get to sand the fences around the skate park and repaint them! haha. Should be fun. We have been getting to know the members of our ward a lot better too. We stopped by one of the members of our ward and found out she has cancer, so we’ve been talking with her a lot and boosting her spirits, trying to help her through it and put a smile on her face. Last night the primary president, Sister Baak, invited her friend over for dinner and she brought her whole family with her too, there was about 10 of them plus the whole Baak family. We just happened to be there too, so we gave a short little spiritual message using the scriptures. It was awesome! The spirit was super strong and we planted a seed with that whole family. Sister Baak is amazing, if it weren’t for her we would have starved multiple times because she feeds us when we don’t have any families scheduled for dinner, she would seriously feed us every night and be okay with it, but not only that she’s an awesome member missionary. I could go into further detail but for the sake of time I'll just leave it at that, if there were more members like her the world would be a better place.

Well my time has been come to an end here.

Stay strong, stay true, and look after one another while I'm gone, alright?

I love you all,
-Elder Daniel
-Went on our Santa Rosa Plateau hike we do once every transfer this morning.

-More from our adventure.
-Caught Brother Smedley off guard

-A tree blooming in Brother Smedley's yard and it was 80 degrees when I took this last week.. sorry guys, haha

My first time driving in 7 months, oh how I miss the Cougar

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