Tuesday, October 15, 2013


How ya'll doin!

Alright; I haven’t received the shoes yet. The bottoms are starting to fall out of the ones I have right now. It’s all good though. They got a little bit of life left in them. I got the Woodstock pictures, they were great. I miss the good ol' days, can’t believe that it was that long ago. Tell aunt Danna thanks!

Thanks for all the sports updates dad. It sounds like Walter is finally making it into the big leagues. Has he grown any since I've been gone? haha. He'll probably be taller than me by the time I get back. It sounds like scout is going well too. 

Chelsea is going to Canada!!!? What?!! And she's speaking Spanish??? That’s crazy! By the way, can you get Matt's email for me?

Did you get the package I sent you mom? It should’ve got there Thursday.

Alright, ya’ll’s minds are about to be blown. I have some pretty crazy news. Alright. Ready?

Okay, last Thursday is when President Kendrick made the calls to all the missionaries that are training and district leading. We were at our district meeting talking about goals for the area.... when we got a call, and guess who it was from? We went out into the hall and My companion answered it, and I'm thinking "yup, Elder Thompson is training again." then he said "hold on president, it’s for you Elder Daniel" ....I about had a heart attack. haha, So guess who will be training a new missionary starting Tuesday? That’s right, THIS GUY!! I'm terrified and excited at the same time. They usually wait until you’ve been out at least a year before they make you train... I’ve only been out three months... And that’s not it. We had are transfer calls on Saturday and I found out I'm leaving Fallbrook. Do you know what that means? I will be "whitewashing" into a new area with a greeny, which ultimately means I will be training a new missionary in an area neither of us are familiar with. My greeny is going to be my geeny buster; your "greeny buster" is the comp you get right after your done training who is usually a very experienced missionary. I have no idea where I'll be going or who my comp is going to be. My guess is Delmar, Carlsbad, or Oceanside. I'll let ya'll know next Monday. It'll be good, I hope. Can I ask you guys to pray for me? I would really appreciate it. I'm going to need it. It’s funny, I've been praying harder than I ever have to be a better teacher and a better missionary. I'm going to take a wild guess, but I think this is the answer to my prayers. They always said Heavenly Father had a sense of humor right?

Alright, I love you all. I can't believe how fast time is going by. It's already been three months since I left. It'll be Christmas before you know it!

 Read your scriptures every day, even if it’s just a page or even a verse. Pray always, in the morning and at night. And never stop going to church. The world is growing ever darker, I get to see and hear things first hand out here, and boy there's a storm coming. We need to be doing everything we can do to stay strong and never lose sight of the light.

Look out for one another while I'm gone and stay true, alright?

-Elder Jon Daniel

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