Saturday, May 30, 2015

North to South 4-27-15

Mom, that reminds me of the time we went to Arizona and you had poison ivy. That was miserable. I hope that it clears up fast.
So kind of a crazy week. I'm now in the Del Mar zone, I went from the completely opposite side of the mission top the other. The northern most area in the mission which bordered Riverside to the southern most which borders San Diego. The assistants called us Friday morning about an emergency transfer that needed to be made and I was out Saturday afternoon. So I'm no longer living with the Nash's anymore and am no longer with Elder Polatis or serving in the YSA/ Las Brisas ward. I'm now in the Carmel Valley ward, my new companion is Elder Matson, and we live with a member as well, is name is brother Bogart, haha. He is hilarious.
I'm sad that I was switched out so quick, we had a lot going on in Murrieta and I'm going to miss all the people up there. :( I'm glad I was able to see old faces again and do what I was sent there to do for the short time that I was there. Hopefully I will be able to go back up there soon for some baptisms. Liz and Ben are progressing very well and are in good hands with the new elder that took my spot. Its been pretty crazy jumping from area to area and getting the ward under my belt, but give it a few weeks and Ill have it down. 
The Carmel Valley ward is pretty amazing. The demographics of the Del Mar Stake are super different from any are I've served in on my mission so far. Its the highest tithing paying stake in the church, so that gives you an idea of what it may be like. A lot of the members are very successful in their careers. Most of them are lawyers, doctors, or involved in business. The ward is run very well. There are super expensive cars everywhere you look, its coastal, and nothing but super nice beautiful houses. The members here are awesome, they are incredibly missionary minded. 
I've only been in the area a few days so I promise I will have more info next week. And can you believe that Mothers day is in two weeks? The time that has passed since Christmas has been a dream. I will get you the information you need. As well as the rest of the info for the packages.
I love you all,
-Elder Daniel
                                                                       -Nuff said

                                          The Nashs (yes were covered in flour, long story)
                  ​-Brian just got back from a mission in France (left) and we've been teaching Ben (right) for a few months now. Going to miss these guys.
​                                                -Hike this morning with Brother Bogart!

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