Tuesday, January 6, 2015


How's everyone doing this glorious Monday morn'n!!!
It’s actually starting to finally feel like winter over here. It dipped down into the low 60s last night. Bone chilling huh!!! I got your package mom, I promise I haven't opened anything yet. I can’t make any promises about the candy though. Whoops. That’s awesome that you guys are buying a Mormon bus, haha!!! Make sure to put a BYU sticker on it. I so wish I could have been there for the Christmas festival. Is that the one where they have the Choir sing and have all the nativity scenes set up? That awesome that you saw Spencer, I haven’t heard from him in a while. I will probably grow my hair back out the way it was in the pictures with our bum haircuts when I get back, just because. That sucks that grandpa isn’t doing too well :( I will definitely keep him in my prayers. I am feeling the Christmas spirit for sure! We made the sisters a cake last week, and now were in a constant battle with one another trying to see who can do more nice things for each other.

Funny you’re asking me to pray to find opportunities to serve in the community, because we have actually been doing ton of it! Last week we helped the united Methodist Church downtown set up their "Bethlehem Walk". It’s an event they have for three days where they take you back in time to when the Savior was born. Everyone is dressed up in garb from back in that time period and acting as shop keepers and tradesmen. There were live animals too, Elder Fitzpatrick was pretty stoked that he was able to pet a turkey and a sheep, haha. It was a ton of fun, we set it up with a ton of missionaries serving in Escondido and on Saturday we volunteered to be shop keepers with the sisters when the event was going on.
Went on exchanges with E. Brown last week. He has only been out for a month and this is his first transfer. He is one of the sharpest greenies I’ve ever met, he's really on top of things and is a very fast learner. He will go far in here in the mission field. The only thing he struggles with is initiating contacts on the street. So we did a lot of contacting that night. I was able to give him some tips and we were able to pick up a few different potentials in a matter of minutes, it was sweet! He's got a good head on his shoulders and has a vision of what he wants to become. We also saw a humorous sign outside of a swimming pool at an apartment complex in Escondido. haha.

We picked up two new investigators this week, Abdul and Mikey. Both are friends of members. We met Abdul at the institute who is studying religion with, Chloe one of the ward missionaries. Finals are all this week, so we should be meeting up with him in the next week or so. We met Mikey at one of our dinner appointments last week. The Pennocks had us over for dinner, but it was just Sister Pennock and her daughter Chelsey. Chelsey just returned home from her mission in Pocatello, Idaho about a week ago. (Side Note - Chelsey knows Sam Fredrick and Katrina Jones! She went to BYU Hawaii with Sam Fredrick and guess where Sam is serving her mission right now. Pocatello, Idaho! And Chelsey was also companions with Katrina Jones! Super small world, huh?) Anyway there was no guy there so she invited one of her guy friends over and we invited them to a baptism, and they went!!! It was sweet! We should be meeting up with him this week.
We were able to set a baptismal date with one of our investigators Ryan!! He is committed for January 10th yeah!! Blake's baptism should be in January too, but the date is uncertain as of right now. His request is in SLC under review.

We got asked to teach Gospel Principles yesterday on the spot because the instructor didnt show up. If all else fails ask the missionaries right? haha. I think it went alright, we taught with the sisters and the subject was on temples and family history.
Have you guys seen the video called "He is the Gift"? If you havent you definitely should. It is a short powerful video about how Christ is the center of Christmas. the URL is  -->christmas.mormon.org<-- Share it with everybody!!!

I want to leave ya with a quote. You may have heard it before, if you have.. here it is again. "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us." Think about it. We all have so much potential to do good. Heavenly Father has gifted us all with talents and abilities to bless others lives. We need to use them and not wait around to be acted upon. Matt 5:16 - Rom 1:16
I love you all, cant wait to see ya!!!

- Elder Daniel
 This is Chelsy Pennock, shes the girl who served with Sam and Katrina! ( She makes me feel like a giant..) 
Bethlehem Walk









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