Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I got the "I am me" video, it was awesome! I loved Anthony's and Dwight's "Hoser" signs.
I don’t know if I told you before I left but Parker Rassmusen got called to Rome Italy for his mission. Yesterday at church I met a kid who just got back from his mission in Rome Italy. I asked him if he knew him and he said that Parker had just got called to be one of the assistants to the mission President before he left! Once again a very small world within the church.
Also something crazy that happened last night. E. Waechtler and I were walking back home for the night when Elder Waetchler saw a car that was swerving pretty close to other cars and he said "that person is drunk'. I didn’t really thing anything of it I wasn’t really paying much attention because my legs were hurting from walking most of the day. The car passed through the intersection as we were waiting (thank goodness it was a green light), then we walked across when it was are turn. We got to the other side then waited for the next walk signal to go so we could cross the street and be home free. E. Waechtler said “I think that person is making a U-turn", again I didn’t really think anything of it. Just a few seconds after he had said that we heard a very loud crash and looked over to see a three car pileup about 10 feet from where we had just stood. The lady who ran into the back of the two cars was so drunk that she didn’t what was going on, I felt really bad for her. So we called the police and did all the witness stuff and what not. Pretty crazy!

This week we taught Anaid and Jay and her friend Jackie was there too! This week we taught them about the Plan of Salvation and they all loved it. We have been taking Sergio with us to our lessons and he has been an outstanding fellow shipper. (He is the kid that served in the same mission as Heather Dearden.) After the lesson he took us to this little Mexican market down the street and we got "Pan Dulce". It’s this super good Mexican sweet bread, it was awesome.
Both Myra and Anaid were at church yesterday!!! The ward fellowshipped the crap out of them which was awesome. They both loved it! They both actually ended up knowing a few of the members that were at church yesterday so that was cool.

The work is going surprisingly great here and I love being a district leader.
I love you all and let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you,

-Elder Daniel
                                                     -Waiting in line at the Oceanside Library..
                                                              Downtown Carlsbad
Our buddy Paco and his friends like to have chill convos with the elder every once in a while.

Surfers and safari vans on Carlsbad Blvd.









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