Monday, September 15, 2014


Que Pasa!!!
I wasn’t able to see Daylon this week, he got called into work and had to reschedule. I should be seeing him in the next few weeks here though. I got a packet with letters from everyone at Woodstock, it was pretty awesome! Put a big smile on my face.
This week we had our first on many missionary booths on Palomar Campus. The institute had a student association on campus so we get to set up a tent on the plaza with all the other clubs on campus. It’s freakin sweet! It is a little odd though, being a missionary and doing missionary work on a college campus in Southern California. (My eyes have never beheld such immodesty in my entire life.) Haha. It’s all good though. We talk to hundreds of people and are able to hand out boxes of church material in the space of only 2 hours. We actually picked up a new investigator from the booth, his name is Nick. He actually found out about the church from the Broadway play, but he was intrigued by it and had really sincere questions about what we believe. (That’s how one of our recent converts actually found out about the church as well, maybe it’s not such a bad thing at all.) It’s more of a strength than it is a hindrance to the work in some cases. Anyway, we should be meeting with him sometime this week.

We had Stake Conference yesterday and the 1st Councilor in the Stake Presidency said something that I had never heard before. He said that you can look at the Atonement as the "At-One-Ment". Because that’s what the Atonement does for us. It helps us to become at one with our Heavenly Father and our Savior. The Atonement does so much for us, it redeems us, it enables us to get back on our feet, but I think we sometimes forget to focus on the fact that it is meant to strengthen our relationship with our Father in Heaven and Christ. Remember that.

I love you all,
Your friend, son, and big brother,

-Elder Daniel
 A member's cruiser board (Literally everyone and their dog has a Penny board here in SoCal)

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