Sunday, August 10, 2014


Hello Everybody!!!

I love the pictures y’all sent!! Looks like y’all started off summer the right way. It’s weird over here the kids don’t get out of school until the middle of June.

Well I'll fill y’all in on my week. We had our Zone Conference this week in Escondido and President Kendrick gave us some really enlightening council. He said “Those who grew up in church are like a fish that don’t know they’re wet. Understand that those who aren’t members don’t understand much if not anything of what you do" He then told us the contrast between the worlds view of life and ours. 1) In the world very little if not anything is sacred, in the church all things are sacred. 2) In the world there are no answers, in the church we have all the answers. 3) In the world there is no eternal perspective, in the church we know there will be a life in the eternities. 4) In the world there is a belief that no one can change, in the church we know that anything that has ever been broken no matter what it is in the eternities can be fixed by virtue of the Atonement. 5) Everything in the world is course and crude, everything about the gospel is uplifting and edifying. 6) The world is bold enough to teach lies even though it is dangerous. The church teaches truth even though it is unpopular. 7) The world is full of gloom and despair, and we are a gospel of truth and optimism, we look forward with faith. 8) And we believe in the Savior.

We are planning to have Al's baptism this weekend on Saturday. I’m so excited for him. He is one of the must humble seekers of truth I have ever met. It has been amazing to watch this man progress in the gospel and to see how he has been prepared to receive it. He has now objections about anything and when he makes a decision there are no ifs, ands, or buts. He is surer about this gospel than he has been about anything in his life. I love being a missionary and being able to be a part of others first steps into this gospel and back to their Heavenly Father. A mission is seriously the greatest adventure of your life, where ever you are called.

I love you all,

Stay strong, stay true, and look out for one another while I'm away, alright?

-your brother, son, and friend


Elder Daniel
P-day last week at the Safari Park
​                                                                 The Sprinter, a train that runs through our area that goes to LA and Oceanside

Another Cali Sunset!



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