Monday, August 11, 2014


What is up everyone!!!
That’s awesome that Walter is working construction now. That will keep him busy and he will be able to work with his hands. Good for him, tell him to save up for his mish, or just put some money away for school or for something. That’s something I wish I would’ve been smarter about. I love the picture you sent of us at Daniel Boone that was one of the best scout camps I ever went on. So many memories came flooding back when I saw that picture. We used to look like bums though, haha! Great times! I wish I could go back.

Yesterday we were able to confer the Aaronic Priesthood upon Al and ordain him to the office of a priest. It was really neat to be a part of that, it was the second time I was able to participate in an ordination for one of our investigators. Right after, Al said, "Wow, well that felt good!" haha. He always acknowledges when he feels the spirit working through him. It’s been a big testimony builder for me, the spirit is tangible and it is very real, and it can work through anyone.
During my studies the other day I came across the scripture DC 11:21, which talks about how we need to obtain His word before we seek to declare His word. I thought about that verse for a while and realized that there are two things that you absolutely need to be an effective missionary. One is desire and the other is testimony. If you have desire but no testimony of this gospel or of this great work, you won’t have the spirit with you and the spirit is absolutely essential to conversion.  If you have a testimony but no desire, then you won’t get much done if anything at all. It will be very hard for you to be effective and you will just coast through your mission not really dedicating your heart to anything. Those two qualities are what every missionary must have and continue to focus on throughout their course.

The past couple of weeks I actually was praying very fervently for Heavenly Father to help my testimony grow. To just give me something that will help me to know that I am here for a reason and to let me know for absolutely certain that this is the Lord's work. Things have just gotten a bit repetitive and tough lately and I needed a little bit of lifting up and some strength. After my prayer last night right as I hoped into bed Elder Cowan asked me if I could give him a blessing. He was called to be a district leader last transfer and has been struggling a little bit. It was a little odd, I’ve never given my companion a blessing by myself let alone right as I hoped into bed at 10:30 at night. I put my hands on his head and began to speak, as I did I started to feel very warm and different, and as I continued on with the blessing I was saying things that I never would have thought to say. It was all from Heavenly Father, I know that it wasn’t from me. I think that was an answer to my prayer, I was about to go to sleep a little discouraged and forgotten, but He allowed me to exercise my priesthood and confirmed to me that the Priesthood is a very real thing and that that authority has been restored. He gave me a little tender mercy by letting me serve someone else to let me know He was there and that I am here for a reason and that this is very much in, every aspect, His work.
At a recent zone training meeting I went to, one of the ZL's shared a quote by Boyd K. Packer. He said, "Oh, how foolish to stay in prison, when the door stands open." Always remember and never forget that our Savior has overcome all for us, we can always change, and be given strength if we will just let Him. He is waiting to bless us.
I love you all,
Stay true, stay strong, and look out for one another while I am away, alright?
Your son, big brother, and friend,

-Elder Daniel
                                                                                              The district at the lake this morning for p-day
I dont really no what to say about this one.. I was bored after planning..

                                                                                                                 Lake Dixon

Third catch of the day, thats a 4lbs big mouth.


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