Thursday, December 26, 2013


How's it going my amazing family!!
This last week has alright. Its actually starting to get cold over here in So-Cal, its been in the low 40's for the past week and when your riding your bike at night it makes it a million times colder. Any snow over in yall's neck of the woods? Someone told me that there was a big cold front headed eastward. I got the package mom, thank you so much!!

So this week we weren't able to meet with Rhiannon because she was grounded, hopefully we'll be able to meet with her tonight. We were only able to talk with Robert on his porch, but we always end up having super awesome conversations about different principles of the gospel. He told us his mother stopped by one day for something and was talking to him and she pretty much told him that we were evil people and that he shouldn't listen to anything that were saying. And he told her that every time we come over, everything that we have told him has been something that he's needed in his life at that time, and that its brought him happiness so how could it be evil? So that was amazing, he said he loves talking to us even when things in his life are hard. We left him with Mosiah 3 to read. He already understands so much and is willing to hear more, he's just so stink'n busy working all the time! He's progressing, very slowly, but he is progressing. 
We gave a less active lady in our ward a blessing last week. It was pretty cool, we were just talking with her and out of nowhere she asked if we could give her a blessing. She was diagnosed with Parkinson's a little while ago and has been going through a very rough time. She told us that in her patriarchal blessing it said that "help would come to her door when she needed it". It was so cool to be apart of that. We hadn't been over in quite some time and while we were doing our nightly planning we just decided to stop by the next day some time, not really thinking much of it. Turns out she really needed someone there for her. I love being a missionary and helping other people, it brings me so much joy, its awesome! 

All the missionaries in the zone taught early morning seminary on Tuesday. It was pretty sweet, we gave a super powerful lesson on inviting their friends and getting involved with missionary work. We had the sophmores and pumped them up to do work. It was funny, we usually go hiking with Brother Smedley in the mornings at that time and he comes and wakes us up. We got back home and he told us that he thought we got abducted by aliens. Brother Smedley is a little nutty, I wish you could meet him, haha. Also that morning we saw brother Mattson, he's gotta be one of the richest members in southern California, anyway he gave all the members and missionaries Christmas cd's that they put together with a ton of different seasonal music so that was awesome. Were allowed to listen to all Christmas music except for " I'll be home for Christmas" haha.

I love you all and I'll see you very soon. Stay true, stay strong, stay warm, and look out for each other while I'm gone, alright?
-Elder Daniel

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